School Notes


Any parent notes from be found here. They are organised in the following categories.

This page is the springboard to accessing any notes to parents that are school related and notes are organised into categories.

If you require a copy of a note not found on this page please contact Our Lady of the Angels Primary weekdays on 8808 7300 between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm or use our contact form.


  Absentee Note

Download and complete the absentee note for when your child is absent and returns to school.

  Exemption from Attendance Form

New changes to attendance 2017. 5 or more days absence: Parents must complete and submit the Application for Extended Leave form prior to commencing leave. If approved the Principal issues a Certificate of Extended Leave.

  Medical Form

To be completed for conditions where medication is going to be given daily or very frequently. Please contact the ring the office for clarification if required.

  Medication Notes

The Medical Administration Form is to be completed when medicine is sent in to school (like antibiotics or a puffer that is for occasional use only). Please contact the office for clarification if required.

  Art Competition

This note has information regarding an art competition currently running.

  Premier's Reading Challenge

Information about the Premier’s Reading Challenge - a State Government initiative encouraging children to read a variety of good quality literature over a sustained period of time. The Challenge runs from 6th March until 25th August 2017.

  Uniform Order Note

This is a uniform order form. Also please note the uniform shop hours will now be Monday morning from 8:20-9:30am. Please note any orders received by email or through the office will be filled on Monday and Wednesday.