Year 2 visit Bondi Beach

Earlier this term, Year 2 along with their teachers and eleven parents travelled to Bondi Beach to provide them with a rich learning experience about 'Wet and Dry Environments.' On returning back to school the students constructed a recount about their excursion. 

Here is what the students jointly constructed. 

Year 2 and eleven adults went to Bondi Beach. We went on our first excursion of the year. We have been learning about Wet and Dry environments. We have also read the story, ‘The Tram to Bondi Beach”.

First, we took the roll and then we boarded the bus. The bus was very comfortable; it had soft seats, curtains and seat belts. We travelled for about an hour and only hit one bit of traffic.

After our journey, we had to walk to the eating area in the pavilion. There, we met Will, Sophie and Lisa. They were our guides.

Next, we walked through the Bondi arcade and onto the sand. While on the sand, we had to dig a hole to find water. After that, we created our sea creature from the sand.

Then we walked carefully to the rock pools. Here we had the chance to hold the sea creatures and look for shells. We spent a long time at the rock pools.

Finally, we made our way back to our bags and had lunch.

After our rest and lunch, we boarded the bus again. Some children and adults were very tired.

We had a wonderful time discovering life at the beach! We hope we can visit again one day.