Hills Zone Athletics Carnival

Yesterday, thirty-nine students represented our school at the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival at Blacktown Sports Centre. It was a fun day of racing and competition. The participants were standing in their position ready to race. Competitors, take your marks, get set, BOOM went the starter pistol. Each student participated well, showed excellent sportsmanship to their peers and other competitors. Congratulations to everyone on their achievements. Although we did not come first, we tried our hardest and we will hopefully make it in next year. 

Next week, we have competitors going to the Diocesan Athletics Carnival for the long jump, high jump, relay, 100 metre sprints and 200 metre sprints. The following students competed at the Hills Zone Carnival: Charlotte A, Brianna A, Ava B, Emma C, Addison G, Gemma H, Olivia H, Ebony L, Kimberly M, Angelica M, Madison M, Ella O, Macy O, Riharna P, Isabella P, Gabriela R, Jamsyn R, Felicity S, Eva S, Madison Z, Joseph A, Anton B, Lucas C, Jericho C, Thomas C, Brendan E, Bailey K, Hayden L, Thomas L, Jaeden M, Zac N, Marcus O, Kobe O, Rohan P, Mitchell R, Zac S, Ante T and Christian V

The following will be participating the Diocesan Athletics Carnival on Thursday, 23rd August: Zac N-Long Jump; Gabriela R and Charlotte A- 100m for their age group; Eva S, Gabriela R, Macy O and Charlotte A-Junior Girls Relay Team; 100m, 200m, Shot Put-Joseph A and Samantha G, Jasmyn R, Zac N, Bailey K, Thomas C, Sahara K and Macy O-High Jump.

We wish all these students the best of luck next week.

We would also like to thank all the mums, dads and grandparents who were there to support us as we competed in our respective events.


Some of the OLA students who competed at the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival.