Mad Scientists Go Crazy over their Science Experiments in Year 5

Year 5 had a Mad Science Day as part of their ‘Entry Event’ to introduce the new Science topic for Term 4 which is about States of Matter.

We did so many exciting and fun experiments and even dressed up as ‘mad scientists’. Some Year Fives came with lab coats and lab goggles, others came with crazy hair wigs. Even the teachers dressed up! Mad Science Day was full of insightful, interesting, mad science experiments. It felt like we were really in a mad science lab!

At the start of the day, we were all given a little booklet to write down some observations and a  diagram for each scientific experiment. We were also put into six groups. Each group had a mad scientist name. For example, one group was called the Newton group. Another was called the Einstein group.



Investigating Gas


There were seven experiments all up, such as making kinetic sand goo, the melt and burn experiment, the gas experiment, a magic inflating balloon experiment, hot and cold experiment and we even got to play with dry ice!

There was also a whole grade experiment where we got to make bouncy balls with only four ingredients!

Mad Science Day was a fantastic way to kick off Term Four! It was full of fun, laughter, and lots of interesting facts. Mad Science Day wasn't just a great, enjoyable day, but also helped us learn a lot about our new unit ( Solids, Liquids and Gases). We were all so excited that we could take the information that we learnt on our cool Mad Science Day and apply it to our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases!

We are so, grateful, fortunate and lucky that a portion of our, helpful, fantastic Year Five parents were able to help us on this amazing day! We would also like to thank the teachers for preparing and making this awesome day become a reality, we had such an enjoyable day, it was a mad, marvellous, fun day!


                     Dry Ice Experiment