Student Leaders

The Student Representative Council (SRC) provides all students with a voice.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) members are elected by their peers at the beginning of term 1. This included school and sports captains and vice captains, as well as two SRC members from each class group.

SRC members demonstrate a great deal of leadership ability and their responsibilities include:

  • raising the flag
  • leading and assisting in assembly
  • distribution of sports equipment daily, and
  • working with teachers to plan, promote and facilitate any social justice fun days.

2018 SRC members

Captains and Vice Captains
School Captains Gabriella Bond and Thomas Lenane
School Vice Captains Marcus Odd and Olivia Hudson


Sports House Captains Vice-Captains
Francis (Green)
Tamsyn Brown
Cooper Oblea
Alicia Dersch
Zac Lesar 
Marian (Blue)
Alanna Lock
Julian Vargas 
Olivia Lincoln
Hudson Galvin
Gabriel (Gold)  Jasmyn Robertson
Nick Kamber 
Ayden Strong
Gabriella Muscat
Clare (Red)  Georgia Domars
Ashton Galea 
Ella Owen
Jane Whelan


Class SRC Members
Year 1B
Alexandra Craven
Reid Sammut
Year 1G
Olivia Medjumurac
Cameron Ives
Year 1W Lola Quinlan Sean McKeever
Year 2B Anna Lee Alonso Buda
Year 2G Chelsea Strong Ryan Knipler
Year 2W Georgia Sourial Noah Lavercombe
Year 3B Paige Mitrovich Cameron Muscat
Year 3G Maia Villanueva Thomas Gutwenger
Year 3W Maddison Dyke Matthew Kamber
Year 4B Macy Owen Marcus Farrugia
Year 4G Roxie Pace Logan Hayden
Year 4W Amelia Bond Jett Laborte
Year 5B Mia-Bella Trifiro Roman Bizzanelli
Year 5G Janelle Mensah Salvatore Colosimo
Year 5W Marissa Farrugia Bowen Clearly