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How to Enrol

All parents and children who are prepared to support the religious principles and ideals of the Catholic school, and live within the Rouse Hill parish catchment area, may be considered eligible for enrolment.

Children should turn five years of age prior to the 31st July of the year he/she is commencing school. However, enrolment would be determined by the readiness of the individual child. Parents may be invited to arrange an assessment of readiness with their preschool and, with the Principal, be guided by professional advice in deciding the year for enrolment for your child, to ensure a successful transition to primary school.

Parents are asked to complete an enrolment form and return it by mail to the address provided. Following this, an invitation for an interview will be extended. If the application is successful, parents will receive a notice of acceptance.

Enrolment forms

Please note that Form A and Form B are both required to be downloaded, completed and returned for every enrolment application. Form C is only required if you are full fee paying overseas visa holders. Form D is required for parents not living with student.

Enrolment Timeline Enrolment Instructions
Enrolment Application Form A - Enrolment Application Enrolment Application Form B - Consent and Data Collection Form
Enrolment Application Form C - Overseas and Exchange Students
Enrolment Application Form D - Contact Information for Parent/Carers


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