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Religious Education

As a Catholic school, it is an expectation that all students at Our Lady of the Angels engage in a Religious Education program. We will strive to lead children to know and love God by the teaching and example set at school. The Religious Education curriculum is based upon the Parramatta diocesan document - 'Sharing Our Story'.

Students will have the opportunity to have several prayer experiences each day. Mass will be celebrated as a community on several occasions each year, and all major liturgical events are celebrated as a community. Our parish church is located at the same site as the school and parish priest, Fr Warren Edwards, will be a regular visitor to the classrooms and staffroom.  The Religious Education coordinator, together with Fr Warren, will work closely with the parish on a regular basis, in particular when planning sacramental programs.

Teachers are constantly endeavouring to develop personal faith, moral values, fidelity to prayer and religious practices in each of the students. The school, however, can only influence students effectively if it is supporting a life of faith which is generated and nurtured in the home and in the local church.

The school, through the delivery of the curriculum, supports the Sacramental Programs conducted by the Church. However, parent participation is most essential in assisting the faith development of your children.


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